BBC constructs a doc that goes behind the scenes at IKEA

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No, wait… This could be good. 

Described in the BBC press release as “one of the world’s most successful, enigmatic, and recognisable global brands”, IKEA certainly likes to see itself as something of a way of life rather than just a furniture shop. This is part of the reason why the upcoming three-part doc Flatpack Empire promises to be a fascinating watch.

I promises an in-depth look behind the scenes with the global meatball giant, which also flogs the odd chair and table, taking in everything from its  “design studios to factories and stores”, in the hopes of revealing the secrets of its success – and just how it goes about fulling its goal of creating ‘the better everyday life for the many people’.

The first episode, which will air on BBC2 Feb 6th, will cover the design part of the equation as the company looks to collaborate with outside influences to create a new design of bed-sofa. It will also track production of the store’s catalogue, take a look at plans to integrate new technology into its stores and follow a group of new store managers from Sheffield as they head of to Sweden in search of the brand’s history.

While these things can turn out to be glorified adverts for a store or brand, they often don’t go quite that way. There’s generally a smattering of conflict and tension to keep things interesting, and Flatpack Empire could deliver it in droves at the point where the companies shiny image and the reality of business create friction.

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