Benidorm is getting a movie

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The Benidorm TV show may have come to an end after 11 years on the air, but it turns out that we haven’t seen the last of those characters!

The cast has been touring a Benidorm Live stageshow, which is now going to morph into a Benidorm movie.

“I have some news”, creator Derren Litten revealed in a podcast interview with actor Jake Canuso.” The news is that in two weeks I’ve got the first meeting about the possibility of Benidorm the movie and that is obviously with film producers. And the idea is to take the story in Benidorm Live and make that into the movie, so there you go.”

Asked if the film adaptation would even have the songs from the stage show, he added: “If it was going to be the movie version of the stage show, of course it would have songs on it.”

He also said that the “thought [of a movie] has always been there and I’ve always dismissed the thought”, but the stage musical changed his mind.

“Basically I always said I didn’t want a DVD of this live show because I think it’s a very theatrical experience and I think you’ll lose a huge amount by putting that on the telly”, but a stage show would be one way to make it work.

When the story started spreading around the media, Litten took to Twitter to confirm it:

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.