Brooklyn Nine-Nine saved by NBC; season 6 coming next year

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved by NBC. Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s new network swooped in to take the cop comedy off Fox’s hands, before renewing it for season 6 and scheduling that new run of episodes for 2019.

Late last week, Fox announced that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled, along with The Mick and The Last Man On Earth. Fans of the Nine-Nine made themselves heard on social media, creating a groundswell of support and vocally calling for a revival. And now, those fans’ wishes have come true.

“We’re thrilled to have it”, said NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt, on the topic of acquiring Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Fox. “We think it fits into our brand of comedy in many ways better than it ever fit into the Fox brand of comedy”.

Greenblatt added that the fan outrage was significant, although he was prepared to “jump” on the show regardless. “We love it when the fans yell and scream,” Greenblatt stressed, before adding, “We love it even more when they watch the show”.

In terms of when the fans will be able to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, a report from TV Line tells us that NBC will not release new episodes until early 2019. The show will be launched in the ‘mid-season’ area of the schedule, rather than having its traditional autumn launch. We’ve also learned that the initial order from NBC is for 13 episodes, rather than the traditional 22.

We’ll bring you more Brooklyn Nine-Nine news as we hear it.

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