Charlie Brooker pulls end-of-year Screenwipe for 2017

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Across the course of four devastating tweets, Charlie Brooker managed to comprehensively ruin what remains of 2017.

This very afternoon, Charlie Brooker took to Twitter to announce that there will be no Screenwipe to cover the events of 2017, despite making a long-standing commitment to creating another super-dry assessment of the year past.

Brooker cited his current backlog of work as the reason for the late cancellation of his annual cathartic scream into the abyss, not – as many initially suspected – late on-set PTSD from his heroic attempt to make sense of 2016.

Anyway, here is the announcement in Brooker’s own words…

As the last of those messages points out, we will be getting a healthy dose of Diane Morgan’s quite wonderful Philomena Cunk ‘soon’, and presumably a lot of on-time Brooker-created content in 2018. That, of course, will include the fourth season of his sci-fi/scary-as-hell anthology, Black Mirror.