Cradle To Grave series 2 finally on the way

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It’s been a heck of a wait, but the second series of acclaimed sitcom Cradle To Grave will finally be with us later this year.

The show is based on the life of Danny Baker, and he’s written the show along with Jeff Pope. The first series debuted in 2015, with Peter Kay and Lucy Speed in the lead roles. Pretty much immediately after the transmission of the first series came the news that the BBC had greenlit series two.

What, then, has caused the delay? Basically, Peter Kay’s schedule. To the point where at one stage, it looked as though the show would lose Kay altogether.

“We had to have a plan B so we tried auditioning alternatives”, Baker told The Sun. “We looked at Chas Smith from Madness. Al Murray’s name came up too”. But Baker held out for Kay to reprise the role of Spud, and it now looks as if the original cast is firmly in place. So much so that Baker has announced the return date for the show via Twitter…

Whether that date sticks remains to be seen. But the show is definitely coming back, whether that date is official or not…

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