David Walliams’ ‘Doctor Who’ episode details revealed

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Whithouse tells the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine: “Steven Moffat said ‘The Doctor and Amy are trapped in a hotel and the geography keeps shifting.’ I said, ‘Oh yeah?’ He said, ‘No, that’s literally as far as we’ve got.’”

He continues: “So that was the starting point. That one line. A lot of the ideas just fell into place…”

The Being Human creator also comments: “Matt Smith is breathtaking. He’s an absolute revelation. I think he’s the best Doctor Who we’ve ever had.”

Set to air as Episode 11 in the new series, the episode will feature guest star David Walliams as an alien called Gibbis.

Available in shops tomorrow, Issue 432 of Doctor Who Magazine also sees Whithouse talk about his previous work on Doctor Who and confirms the show’s return date.