Disney’s Netflix rival to launch in late 2019

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Disney is stacking plenty of chips on its planned rival to Netflix, that it’s revealed it’s now set to launch next year. Whilst it currently has the DisneyLife platform in the UK, whereby people can pay a monthly subscription to stream family-friendly movies and shows, it sounds like bigger plans are afoot.

Disney has already confirmed that it’s working on several live action Star Wars TV shows to stream on its new service, and it’s likely to bring its Marvel TV shows in house too for the same reason. Furthermore, the company’s acquisition of Fox assets will bring with it, potentially, Sky Television, and lots of Fox properties that it can turn into TV shows.

The Sky element of the deal, though, points to Disney’s stated aim of owning the platform that you watch its shows and films on. Its chairman, Bob Iger, has now confirmed that its plans are ramping up, and in a call with investors, he’s said that Disney plans to launch its Netflix rival in late 2019.

No further details have been given at this stage, but as we find out more, we’ll let you know…