Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston reprises role for fans’ wedding video

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Well, this is unexpected. Christopher Eccleston, whose portrayal of the Ninth Doctor helped re-launch Doctor Who back in 2005, has returned to the role in a rather surprising fashion. He has donned the cheeky charisma/surly sarcasm of his Time Lord to send a wedding video to some fans.

Eccleston has spoken repeatedly about the struggles he had with the producers during his own tenure on the show. And he couldn’t be coerced into appearing in Steven Moffat’s 50th-anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor, back in 2013. Also, he’s yet to appear in any of the Big Finish audio adventures that so many other Doctor Who alums have taken a shine to.

This separation between Eccleston and Who led us to assume that we’d never see him in the role again. But, for a couple of fans that wanted a special video for their wedding, Eccleston is now pretending to be madman with a box once again.

You can watch the video here…

Eccleston has also started doing conventions recently, having shied away from public gatherings of sci-fi fans for a number of years. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s ever going to return to the show or the role in an official capacity, but, nonetheless, it does warm the soul to see Eccleston having a bit of fun and interacting with the fans.

Fantastic, isn’t it?