Doctor Who spin-off Class’ season 2 in doubt after creator quits

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Twitter thread explains problems with BBC One, and now-defunct plans for next run.

As the series’ run on BBC America came to a close on Saturday, author and creator Doctor Who spin-off Class, took to Twitter to clarify his position with regards to the show. He then went on to address the treatment of the show in the UK, and the issue of whether we would be getting a second season of adventures based around Coal Hill School.

It wasn’t great news, to be honest. It started with this…

You can read the thread containing his thoughts by clicking the tweet, but we’ve also consolidated it here for easy digestion.

“It has been the MOST amazing experience. I loved it, and I am so proud of the show and what we made. My heart just bursts with happy.

“But we should be filming right now. With the new cycles of Who, we’d pretty much need to be to be on the air before even 2019. But we’re not

“And that’s just TV and how it goes! Not even the littlest bit bitter. What an amazing experience.

“Huge thank yous to @bbcthree and @BBCAMERICA for their love and enthusiasm for Class. BBCAmerica in particular absolutely LOVES the show.

“I remain baffled by the sched decisions of BBC1, which were odd for a critically-acclaimed show. But again, I’m so grateful for the chance!
“So thank you all SO MUCH for the love and support for Class, all the tweets and love for the cast, all the videos! Amazing.

“If I’m honest, a season 2 has been a faint hope, but it’s a fact that BBC America LOVES the show, so who know? If so, I wish them wings!

“I’m super-super sad and i fought hard to be making it right now, trust me! I’m a feisty little mofo. 

“But what a lucky man I’ve been to have been able to make a show I’m so proud of and work with wonderful people. Never even dreamed it.

“So thank you to everyone who watched and loved it and argued about it and watched it again. You made my heart swell.”

Ness has a movie adaptation of his Chaos Walking series going into production later this year, starring current Spider-Man Tom Holland and Star Wars‘ Daisy Ridley, so presumably has plenty on his plate. Whether or not Class will continue – with or without him – has been a matter of debate for some time. His departure, though, has surely severely dented the chances of a second season, you’d suspect.

As a final, bittersweet parting comment, Ness decided to give fans of the show a glimpse of what he had in mind for his season 2-that-will-never-be.

Well that’s almost mean. Maybe we’ll get to see it anyway, Who knows eh?