Doctor Who crew talks of monster that can pass through walls

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On a multiple press visit to Roath Lock Studios on September 24, the Doctor Who cast spoke of a terrifying monster that can pass through walls, according to an article in the Sun.

“I was proper scared,” said Tosin Cole, who plays the Doctor’s companion Ryan Sinclair. “The one in the wall… there is a scene where it was me and Mandip [Gill, who plays companion Yaz] and the wall and we were barricaded in… came through the wall.”

“I was really scared,” said Jodie Whittaker, who plays the Doctor. “One of the notes from the director was, ‘I know you’re scared but the Doctor would probably kind of maybe contain it a little more.’ And I’m screaming! I can’t cope with something coming out of the dark.”

The most likely episodes which could feature this monster are Episode 3, where the beige bone-like leg of a monster was spotted on a crew member’s social media post; Episode 4, rumored to have a scene in New York City during the Victorian Era; Episode 5, alleged to have children in the cast; or Episode 7, which did not have much location filming. A glimpse of Episode 7 filming can be seen on an Instagram post of the director, Emma Sullivan. Be sure to scroll through all the photos in her post.

There were several journalists present from several news organizations invited to visit the set and speak with Chris Chibnall and the main cast on September 24. At the date of the press visit, Series 12 had just finished principal photography and filming was about to begin for the special which will air some time later than Series 12.

The opening episode of Doctor Who Series 12 will likely air on New Year’s Day 2020, though no official date has been announced. The Series 12 trailer will be released at 15:00 GMT on November 23. The Series premiere date will likely be released with the trailer.

We will continue to bring you Series 12 news as we learn more and will bring you a breakdown of the trailer released on November 23.