Doctor Who: fans invited to send welcome videos to Jodie Whittaker

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Doctor Who fans have been invited to send welcome videos to Jodie Whittaker, ahead of her first full series in the show’s lead role. The campaign is being led by BBC America, who are planning to compile the video messages together into one big happy montage to show to Whittaker.

With regards to exactly what they’re after, BBC America released this little paragraph of info:

“We’re looking for videos of you welcoming Jodie to Doctor Who. What that means is entirely up to you. Your message could be as simple as saying, ‘Hello Jodie, welcome to Doctor Who!’ or it could be an explanation of what Doctor Who means to you, how excited you are to meet her, or why you’re a fan of the show. You could bake her a cake, crack open a Christmas cracker, or write something on the sidewalk with chalk. The possibilities are as infinite as the TARDIS!”

If you want to take part, this is what you need to send in:

  • Your full name
  • Your username (for whichever social platform you prefer)
  • A video message that is no longer than 10 seconds, no bigger than 20MB, and as high definition as possible to (Please do not include background music, though, because the Beeb will add their own.)

Or if you’re not into making videos, you can send anything else that you’d like to welcome Whittaker with to that same email address. Suggestions from the BBC for non-video entries include drawings, graphics, photos, and ‘Anything else you can think of that we couldn’t!”

This sounds like a lovely little project, and a nice way to show Whittaker that the Doctor Who fandom is a happy and welcoming community.

More info can be found at this BBC America link.