‘Doctor Who’: Frontios DVD extras revealed

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Released on DVD on Monday 30th May, all four episodes are newly remastered and are supported by an expanded collection of bonus features.

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The official synopsis reads: “As a strange force takes hold of the TARDIS, the Doctor and his friends find themselves grounded on the inhospitable planet of Frontios, where the last survivors of the human race scratch out a desperate existence far away from their long dead home planet.

“The colonists are gripped by fear and paranoia as the planet is battered by attacks from space and they watch as the bodies of their dead are sucked into the ground. But the Doctor only appreciates the true gravity of the situation when he finds that the TARDIS has been destroyed…”

The extras are as follows:

– Commentary, with actors Peter Davison, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, script editor Eric Saward and special sounds designer Dick Mills.
‘Driven To Distractation’ – cast and crew look back at the making of ‘Frontios’, with actors Peter Davison, Mark Strickson, Jeff Rawle and John Gillett, script editors Christopher H. Bidmead and Eric Saward, and designer David Buckingham. Narrated by Paul Jones.
– Deleted and extended scenes – a chance to see scenes that were cut during editing, many of which are presented before post-production effects had been added.
– Photo gallery – production, design and publicity photos from the story.
– Isolated music – option to watch the episodes with the isolated music score.
Coming Soon – a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.
Radio Times listings in Adobe PDF format.
– Programme subtitles.
– Subtitle Production Notes.