‘Doctor Who’ mag editor teases ‘staggeringly bonkers’ Series 6

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Having read the scripts for Episodes 1-7, Spilsbury posted on Twitter: “Been thinking about the new series of [Doctor Who]. Haven’t seen any finished episodes yet, but get the impression it’s going to be AMAZING.”

He continued: “Thinking that [Steven Moffat]’s opening two-parter of the new series of [Doctor Who] might turn out to be one of the best stories of all time.”

An online prequel to Episode 1 will be available on the show’s official website from 4pm this afternoon.

Discussing Episodes 3 and 4, Spilsbury revealed: “…that pirate episode that follows looks pretty tasty, and then there’s the oh-so-amazingly-titled Episode 4 by [Neil Gaiman].”

He added: “…and the two-parter by Matthew Graham is insane and jaw-dropping and amazing – and then it’s the staggeringly bonkers cliffhanger finale!”

He concluded: “It’s going to be an UNMISSABLE set of episodes.”