‘Doctor Who’ online behind-the-scenes content for Series 7 confirmed

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Speaking at the Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff at the weekend, which CultBox attended, Skinner added that there will also be behind the scenes footage and video diaries posted on the site throughout the production of the series in addition to the technical content.

Amy and Rory’s departure will also be chronicled in a special song that the BBC will post after the characters depart in the fifth episode of Series 7.

Meanwhile, showrunner Steven Moffat – keen to address some perceived fan disappointment at Amy and Rory’s arc so far, and the decision have them travel with the Doctor again after leaving in Series 6’s The God Complex – suggested that “you don’t know if you like a story until you know how it ends”.

When asked if the departure of Amy and Rory was the actors’ decision or the producers’, Karen Gillan was quick to point out that it was a “mutual decision”. Arthur Darvill, recognising how this sounded, joked that “it sounds like a MASSIVE lie”, to which Gillan responded: “But it’s actually true!”

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