Doctor Who series 11 will premiere “by October”

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Aw, brilliant. The BBC has confirmed that Doctor Who series 11 will debut on our screens “by October”, with the Radio Times revealing as much in its latest issue. It’s not long, then, until we’ll get to see Jodie Whittaker in her first full episode at the helm.

Of course, “by October” is somewhat ambiguous as a phrase. As the Radio Times points out in its article on the matter, this could mean that the BBC is planning to plonk the Doctor Who series 11 release date “sometime in September or October.”

We know that Doctor Who series 11 will have ten episodes, and two extra bits of filming have taken place as well: a Children In Need sketch has been shot, for the charity telethon that usually takes place in November; and a Christmas special has been filmed, to fill the traditional Who slot on Christmas Day.

If the BBC times it carefully, this could mean that we get eleven continuous weeks of new Doctor Who, with the ten-episode season leading up to the Christmas special, with the Children In Need sketch thrown in as an added bonus somewhere along the way.

As soon as we hear the exact Doctor Who series 11 premiere date, we’ll be sure to let you know. We really are starting to get exited now, folks!