Doctor Who Series 13 is “landing imminently”

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According to SFX magazine, though the exact date is embargoed, the premiere of Series 13 of Doctor Who is “imminent”.

Along with three exclusive new photos from the upcoming series, the magazine published this message:

“YES, IT’S THIRTEEN’S LAST FULL SERIES AND YES, IT’S ONLY SIX episodes, but it’s landing imminently (yes, there’s an embargo) and there’s a new companion (or possibly two?). It’ll come as little surprise that details are very thin on the ground for Jodie Whittaker’s final “full” series, but we can confirm that John Bishop joins the “fam” as Dan, and Jacob Anderson guest stars as Vinder alongside Mandip Gill as Yaz.”

The first exclusive photo published in the magazine is of the TARDIS in space with the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) holding her sonic screwdriver with companions Yaz (Mandip Gill) and Dan (John Bishop) holding on to her from behind. All three are looking toward the left with astonished looks on their faces.

The second photo is possibly on a spaceship, though the background is blurred. It shows the Doctor’s horizontal arm, coming from the left, holding her sonic screwdriver, nearly touching what looks like the barrel of an alien gun coming from the right.

The third photo is of Yaz, the Doctor and Dan stooping slightly and peering to the right in a setting which seems to contain both ancient and futuristic weapons and artefacts. On the wall behind them are two crossed spears and two round shields. They are possibly in an exhibit or collection.

In part of the magazine which advertises the November 3 issue of SFX, a caption reads, “DOCTOR WHO, Thirteen’s hour is almost up”, possibly suggesting that Series 13 will have already begun airing by that date.

An announcement of the premiere date for the series could be coming in a matter of hours. The three exclusive photos published in SFX could possibly also surface on official social media in a matter of hours as well.

SFX magazine is available on newsstands Tuesday, October 6 and by digital issue now.

Doctor Who Series 13 will consist of six episodes of a single story. The series is scheduled to air in autumn of 2021.

There will be three additional specials in 2022, airing on New Year’s Day, spring, and a BBC Centenary special in Autumn which will be the last for Jodie Whittaker’s thirteenth Doctor.