Doctor Who Series 13: Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and John Bishop filming in Bristol

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A Doctor Who film crew was busy filming Series 13 in Bristol on Thursday and Friday, June 3 and 4.

Doctor Who actors Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and John Bishop were spotted at the filming base at Lloyds Amphitheatre on June 3.

The cast was not photographed at the June 3 filming location, which was at a unknown location nearby in Bristol.

On June 4, the filming location was discovered to be A Bond Warehouse on Cumberland Road in Bristol. Built in 1905, A Bond Warehouse is a former bonded warehouse built to serve the tobacco trade in Bristol Harbour.

Fans who went to the filming location were not able to see what the crew was filming there.

But Jodie Whittaker was again spotted at the base at Lloyds Amphitheatre in a variant of her costume with a magenta shirt. This colour shirt wasn’t spotted in previous filming, which likely means a new episode in a new filming block, likely the final filming block which will continue into July.

Mandip Gill and John Bishop also arrived at the base.

John Bishop appeared again at the the base, this time in costume.

The most telling photo snapped at the base was of Nicholas Briggs, who voices Doctor Who monsters Daleks, Cybermen and Judoon.

Dalek operators Nicholas Pegg and Barnaby Edwards were also spotted, but not photographed, at the base.

Sure enough, a photo of Doctor Who crew members unloading a Dalek from a truck at the warehouse location has surfaced.

Eight episodes are planned for Doctor Who Series 13 with the filming continuing into July. The clip which introduced John Bishop as companion Dan revealed the series is scheduled to air sometime in 2021, likely late autumn.