Alternate ending for Blink

Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat ponders an alternative ending for Blink

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The story of Sally Sparrow could have ended differently had Steven Moffat chosen an alternative ending for Blink.

As if today weren’t weird enough, we’re also coming to terms with the fact that it’s been 10 years since Doctor Who’s ’Blink’. Probably Steven Moffat’s signature episode, and certainly the one that ensured him a place in Who folklore regardless of what came after, it starred Cary Mulligan and the now-infamous Weeping Angels.

To celebrate the anniversary of its first airing, Steven Moffat has sat down with ever-comprehensive to talk about the classic Doctor-lite episode. Directed by Hettie Macdonald, he credits it with ‘almost certainly’ being the script that got him the showrunner’s gig on the show. Though he also claims that it could have ended very differently.

“Can I put my head on the block and say I think I wrote Sally rather well?” he says, “The line ‘sad is happy for deep people’ may be a bit (as in very) smartarse, but it sums her up perfectly.

“The slightly detached, melancholy girl, in love with the past – forgive me, but I do think I nailed that. Makes me wonder why an Angel never set her back in time. All these years later, I wonder why I didn’t end it like that?

“Just after she meets the Doctor, she pops back into the shop – and big fright, there’s an Angel there! A moment later Larry follows her in, and she’s gone. And for the first time he notices something about a painting on the wall – it’s Sally, in the distant past. And she’s smiling and waving.

But no, maybe not. Maybe it was better she learned to live in the moment.”

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