Humans season 3: creators tease that “nobody is safe”

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Following the dramatic events of Humans season 3 episode 6, the creators have explained that “nobody is safe” in the upcoming instalments of Channel 4/AMC’s robot uprising drama.

Speaking to Digital Spy in an insightful interview, Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley were asked if there is any character that they wouldn’t consider killing off. Doing little put fans at ease regarding the fates of their favourite characters, Vincent said this:

“Our philosophy on that is that nobody is safe, nor have they ever been, nor will they ever be. As soon as you decide that somebody is too important to kill off, then your story has got less room, because you’ve got an artificial imposition from above.

“We always try to stay in the world of the story. Sometimes, you don’t want to lose this particular actor, because they’re brilliant, but you find that the story demands that you do it. You create a world, and you’ve got to remain truthful to it.

“I don’t see anything changing that. because as soon as you do, it becomes artificial, it becomes less real – of course, this is about robots, so that’s why it’s doubly important to bend over backwards to make it as real as you possibly can!

“So nobody is safe. We would never put that restriction on our story.”

Asked specifically for some reassurance that Billy Jenkins’ Sam is safe, Brackley said this: “We don’t reassure anyone. We want everyone on tenterhooks at all times!”

That approach certainly seems to be working. Characters are dropping like flies, and tension is mounting among Humans fans.

We’ll share more Humans news as we hear it.

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