Idris Elba unsure about role in ‘Thor’ sequel

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Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Thor was released in cinemas in April and Marvel are reportedly aiming for a follow-up to be released in 2013.

Asked about his possible involvement in the sequel, Elba told CultBox: “Um, I don’t know, it really would depend on where they want to take the Heimdall character. You know, it’s called Thor and I’m sure the second one won’t be about Asgard as much it’ll be about Thor.”

The actor also expressed his surprise at the scale of the film’s success: “Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that, but it’s done hugely well. I don’t even know what the tally is at the moment, but I know it’s something astronomical. I think Marvel are really excited by it.”

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Elba returns to BBC One next week as DCI John Luther, the near-genius murder detective, for a second series of crime thriller Luther.

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