Inhumans at SDCC: Iwan Rheon says Maximus more antagonist than villain

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One of the most anticipated new shows of the year is Marvel’s Inhumans, and the cast and creators gathered at San Diego Comic-Con to preview the unique look and feel of the upcoming series.

The new IMAX trailer gives us an extended sneak peek at the show. Watch it below.

During the panel, actor Iwan Rheon said: “It was really cool to try and make something slightly different with Maximum and try to show the different side to him where he’s trying to genuinely change the world and trying to help the people he believes are living in terrible conditions in the cast system.

“They had no choice in that, so he believes that he should free them. So that’s where you get the conflict between the brothers, and he believes his brother’s not doing anything so he needs to do something himself.”

The show will follow the Marvel pattern of showing shades of gray on both sides of a conflict, he teased, with Maximus coming at the issue with mostly good intentions.

“He’s perhaps more of an antagonist than a villain,” Rheon continued. “It’s just two opposing ideas – there’s no clear villains in Marvel because you have such interesting shades to every character. The idea is that he’s just a passionate politician who wants to change things for the people, for the better. And maybe for himself.”

Image via IGN