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Jenna Coleman on new Clara/Doctor dynamic in ‘Doctor Who’ 50th

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The actress told Doctor Who Magazine in the latest issue: “‘The Day of the Doctor’ is the first episode where Clara is free of mystery, and we can feel that. Time has definitely passed [since Series 7’s finale, ‘The Name of the Doctor’].”

Coleman teased: “She’s matured and grown up – Clara is a teacher now – but also something in her and the Doctor’s relationship has solidified, they fit together properly, and the burning questions and mysteries have kind of gone away now. They’re pals who just like hanging out. She’s much more comfortable around the Doctor.”

She added: “There’s an easiness there now, I think, whereas before there was a lot of tension. It was quite dark sometimes.”

‘The Day of the Doctor’ airs at 7.50pm on Saturday on BBC One.

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