Jo Brand and Alan Davies to return for more ‘Damned’ on Channel 4

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Channel 4 has announced the commission of second season of Damned.

Created by Jo Brand (Getting On) and Morwenna Banks (Miss You Already), the sharp black comedy based around the lives of two jaded social workers launched on Channel 4 last year.

Damned will return for six new 30-minute episodes in late 2017.

Jo Brand commented: “I’m looking forward to letting myself back in to the Elm Heath Childrens’ Services office and catching up with the staff. It’s one of my favourite alternative worlds to be in and I think there are going to be quite a few unsettling challenges for our team. Well I know there are, because I’m writing some of them!”

Producer Claire Whalley added: “We are absolutely delighted that Channel 4 and Lionsgate have decided to go for a second series of Damned. With its factually based stories and sharper than sharp writers, it promises to be an even grittier and funnier series than before emerging out of a very authentic world.”

Watch a clip from Season 1…

The official synopsis for Season 2 reads: “In a post-Brexit world, defined by a new government and legislation that no one can really fathom, Rose (Jo Brand) remains as irritable, chaotic and resentful as ever as she tries to juggle home, work, family and her far-too-present ex-husband. Meanwhile Al (Alan Davies), apathetically trying to surf a mid-life crisis, considers pastures new to inject some much needed excitement, and a new challenge, into his life.

“Martin (Kevin Eldon) is back full time and this time round he’s in charge so things might be about to change – but ever so kindly and slowly cause he’s a nice bloke. But will his new position of power bring out some unseemly dictatorial traits?

“Crises pile up as crucial files appear to have taken a walk so Nat (Isy Suttie), now a permanent member of the team, turns detective to track them down while Denise (Georgie Glen) lets her beady eye slide off the ball as her attention turns inward to her own family issues. Nitin (Himesh Patel) remains his reliable and pompous self, a beacon of the officious in a sea of corner cutting, whilst Ingrid (Morwenna Banks) becomes the bridge between the personal and the professional as she takes on a huge challenge.

“And that’s just the staff, as they say, before they’ve even begun to tackle the complex and brutal problems out there in the community. The threat of violence is never far away as the Elm Heath team once again face up to a series of problems that our increasingly complex society just expects them to sort out without any fuss or acknowledgement.”

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