Lacey Turner is always welcome to return to ‘Our Girl’, says writer

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The creator of Our Girl has revealed that Lacey Turner could still return if she wanted to.

The EastEnders actress starred as Molly Dawes in the original Our Girl pilot in 2013 and the full five-part first season in 2014, but was replaced by Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan in the army drama’s recent second season.

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Our Girl writer Tony Grounds told Radio Times: “If [Lacey Turner] ever wanted to do it she’s only got to ring me up – she knows that.”

He added: “I think it’s all about logistics. I don’t know how EastEnders works and we’re invariably filming abroad. But I love that Molly Dawes character.”

Our Girl

Discussing the possibility of a webisode featuring Captain James and Molly Dawes, Grounds said: “I’d be up for it but because of the driving narrative of the story of Our Girl, it’s quite hard to do a move to the side and a happy ending.”

He explained: “It’s about the jeopardy of everything in Our Girl so if you go there, you’d need some great haunting thing going on because otherwise it’s just a nice wedding and they’ve got lovely kids. So we’d need some torment going on.”

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Season 3 is expected to begin filming in 2017.

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