Legends Of Tomorrow: cats and puppets abound in barmy new trailer

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There seems to be no level of silliness that DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow won’t embrace, and that’s become part of the show’s charm in a big way. This week, we’re happy to share a trailer where the whole team turns into puppets.

We’ve seen the Waverider crew doing crazy things before – trying to stop Gorilla Grodd killing Barrack Obama springs to mind, as does the battle between a Furby knockoff and a time-travelling demon last season – but this next episode could be the craziest instalment yet of The CW’s superhero team-up series.

Without further ado, then, here’s the trailer for Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 episode 8, which is going by the title Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

Reality is fractured, then, and that seems to mean that anything can happen: Ray can run around looking like Rambo, a cat can pilot the Waverider, and the entire crew can transform into puppets. As Matt Ryan’s Constantine aptly puts it: “What the….?”

New episodes of Legends Of Tomorrow air on Mondays on The CW, for American viewers, before airing a week later on Sky One for UK fans. We definitely can’t wait to see this one, which will serve as the midseason finale on season 4.

More news as we hear it.