Life On Mars: Philip Glenister on the chances of a revival

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Spoilers for Ashes To Ashes

Across the five series that made up Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes, Philip Glenister became a firm household name thanks to his portrayal of DCI Gene Hunt. Hunt’s adventures came to a close at the end of Ashes To Ashes, but there was talk in the aftermath of the show of a possible movie.

Hunt, though, in a new interview, has admitted that the film idea looks like its long gone. “I can’t see it happening if I’m honest”, he said on ITV’s This Morning show. “Because we are all dead as characters!”

“I don’t know. We are all a bit older now. It’s quite a long time ago”, he admitted.

He joked instead that “they will remake it in five years’ time with younger people!”. That seems unlikely, though.

The problem with continuing Ashes To Ashes, of course, is that the ending actually felt natural and tied things up really well. Whilst nobody appears to have ever ruled out a revival of sorts, as Glenister admitted, it’s a very long shot.

Here’s the clip from This Morning