Lucifer: two new episodes arrive on Amazon Prime in the UK

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Fox has cancelled Lucifer, but two new episodes have just been released regardless. These two episodes were originally shot for season 3, before being reshuffled by the show’s creators into their season 4 plan. But when season 4 was cancelled, the episodes were left unaired. Until now, that is.

The episodes debuted on Fox last night in the USA, and today they have popped up on Amazon Prime Video in the UK for your viewing pleasure. If you want to show your support for the show and increase the chances of Lucifer season 4 being picked up by a new network, logging into Amazon and watching the episodes is probably the best thing you can do.

The first of these two bonus episodes has the title “Boo Normal”, and it features Lucifer and his chums tracking down the killer of a child psychiatrist. The second bonus episode is entitled “Once Upon A Time”, and it centres on the idea of an alternate universe where Tom Ellis’ Lucifer never met Lauren German’s Chloe. “Once Upon A Time” features a guest appearance from Neil Gaiman, Lucifer‘s comic book creator, who voices God and narrates the story.

To give you a tease of the episodes, here are 12 official images that Fox released ahead of the broadcast…

You can watch the Lucifer bonus episodes now on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. You’ll find them tacked onto the end of Lucifer season 3.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more Lucifer news.