Lucifer season 2: UK television premiere set for May 14th

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Lucifer season 2 has set a British broadcast premiere date of May 14th, with the season premiere set to play at 9pm on Fox UK.

For members of Amazon Prime Video, this is fairly old news, considering that Lucifer season 2 first debuted on Amazon’s streaming service for UK viewers way back in September 2016 (around the same time that it premiered in the USA).

But if you only watch TV the traditional way, you will now at long last be able to feast your eyes on Lucifer season 2. The season centres once again on the LA-based police procedural adventures of Lucifer Morningstar, who is played by Tom Ellis (many UK viewers will recognise him from EastEnders and/or Miranda).

Fox UK has something of a history of broadcasting American imports surprisingly late, lest we forget the period of several months when Gotham season 3 was airing brand new episodes in the USA but Fox UK wasn’t showing any of them for British fans.

Over in the USA, Fox has already renewed Lucifer for its third season, so there will be plenty more episodes coming through the pipeline at a later date. Again, we’d expect every new episode of Lucifer to appear on Amazon Prime Video long before it arrives on the Fox UK television channel.

More news as we hear it.