Mark Gatiss to appear in ‘Doctor Who’ Series 6 finale

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Following a brief role in the opening sequence of Series 5’s ‘The Pandorica Opens’, Fisher-Becker returns to Doctor Who as a key character in this weekend’s mid-series finale, ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ and will also return for the series finale later this year.

Discussing which actors he has enjoyed working with on the three Doctor Who episodes he has filmed, Fisher-Becker told CultBox that writer and actor Gatiss will play a role in Episode 13. It is not known whether Gatiss will be returning as Professor Lazarus, seen in Series 3’s ‘The Lazarus Experiment’, or as a new character.

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As well as previously acting in the show, Gatiss has also written four episodes; Series 1’s ‘The Unquiet Dead’, Series 2’s ‘The Idiot’s Lantern’, Series 5’s ‘Victory Of The Daleks’ and Episode 9 of this year’s series, which will be broadcast in the Autumn.

‘A Good Man Goes To War’ airs at 6.40pm on Saturday 4th June on BBC One.

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