Jenny Meets the Cybermen in Still Running

Jenny meets the Cybermen — the Doctor’s daughter is back on audio

Big Finish has announced Georgia Tennant will return to audio this November when the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny meets the Cybermen Due for release in November 2021, Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter:Still Running features the return of Georgia Tennant in the titular role, as she travels throughout the galaxies with her companion Noah (Sean Biggerstaff). Across these four … >

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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles review

After box sets for both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, the latest Chronicles release features stories from the Eleventh Doctor’s era. Narrated by Jacob Dudman, with his uncanny take on Matt Smith’s incarnation, the set also includes a couple of other familiar voices; Danny Horn returns to his role as the teenage Kazran Sardick and … >

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‘Doctor Who’: ‘The Wedding of River Song’ review

‘Oh that man,’ River Song says, wine glass in hand, the same old glint in her eye, ‘he’s always one step ahead of everyone.’ We all know who she’s talking about, of course, but she could just as easily be referring to the man who has led us on a stunning, season-long dance and left … >

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