Moffat on Clara in ‘Doctor Who’ Series 8: ‘Let’s give her a situation she can’t control’

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Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine in an interview in the latest issue, Moffat commented: “When I looked back on her [in Series 7], I thought she was much more fun when she was the governess trying to be the barmaid [in ‘The Snowmen’], because she was trying to cope with a situation that looks insane, and get away with it. But once she had the Doctor on a leash, as she did with the Matt Smith Doctor, she just seemed so totally in control and so sort of perfect and sweet that you really wanted to mess her around a bit and say, now let’s give her a situation that she can’t control.”

He explained: “There’s a sort of control freak element to that character. She’s got a Doctor who’s got a not very well concealed crush on her, and she’s got it under control she’s got her little household under control, it’s all absolutely fine. So she’s quite sort of bright and shiny and lovely and it’s all going well for her.”

Hinting at what fans should expect for Clara in Series 8, the writer teased: “Now we’re going to give her a Doctor who’s not like that at all, who’s a much older, fiercer, madder, less reliable Doctor, who leads her a merry dance. And she’s trying to keep him secret and she’s now working in a school…”

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