Naoko Mori is returning to ‘Torchwood’ as Tosh

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Big Finish have announced new details about the second season of their Torchwood audio stories.

It was announced live on stage at Big Finish Day 8 that Absolutely Fabulous actress Naoko Mori will reprise the role of Toshiko Sato.

Big Finish commented: “Since we started, we’ve been bombarded with people’s wish lists. And obviously poor, doomed Tosh was on them all. So, as we entered Series 2, we decided to get Naoko in – and she was a delight. She really loves that character, and, as she entered the studio, Tosh came back to life – lovely, excitable, brilliant Toshiko Sato.”

Tosh will appear in Season 2’s second release, ‘Torchwood: Zone 10’. Written by David Llewellyn, the story will see her dispatched on a secret mission to Russia, to discover the secrets of an intergalactic war that could have horrific consequences for the world – and which will be explored throughout the whole of the second series. The story will also introduce the KVI – the Russian equivalent of Torchwood.

Big Finish teased: “David’s really put Tosh front and centre of the whole thing – she’s off on a mission that only she can solve, and, while she may be out of her depth, she’s never less than brilliant.”

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Naoko Mori made her debut as Tosh in 2005’s Doctor Who episode ‘Aliens of London’, before being revealed as a full time Torchwood Three member in the TV spin-off’s first episode ‘Everything Changes’ in 2006. The character met a tragic fate during Season 2’s ‘Exit Wounds’.

The new season of Torchwood audio adventures will pay a visit to the 19th Century with ‘The Victorian Age’ by acclaimed crime author AK Benedict. The story sees Queen Victoria (Rowena Cooper) enlist the assistance of a young renegade by the name of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) in her annual inspection of the Torchwood Institute.

Other future storylines will include the return of Tom Price as Andy Davison.

Big Finish added: “Hopefully people will enjoy the second run of adventures as much as the first. We continue to focus in on one or two Torchwood characters, and try and give them a brilliant adventure. Captain Jack and Queen Victoria are a joyous double-act to kick things off with. We’ve got Tosh going rogue with Russian Torchwood, we’ve got Sgt Andy having an adventure with a ghost, and… hmm. Well, you can probably guess who else is returning. But there’s a lot more to come.”

The latest Torchwood audio story, ‘Uncanny Valley’, was released earlier this week.

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