Netflix has plans for over 400 more originals this year

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Netflix continues to be one of the biggest spenders – if not the biggest spender – when it comes to new TV shows at the moment. And the latest from its chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, suggests that there’s a lot more money to come.

It reckons it’ll be spending some $8bn on material this year, according to Sarandos address to a television summit in New York this week. Of that, around 85% will be on its own originals, with the aim being to have 1000 for the end of the year.

That means there’s still 470 to debut before the end of the year, and the service is recommissioning many of its success for the future, too. Its Lost In Space revival, for instance, just earned an (expected) second season order.

More news on those new originals as we get it. But bottom line: if you have a TV show idea, Netflix appears to be the place to send it at the moment…