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Phoebe Waller-Bridge says the industry has “woken the f**k up” thanks to ‘Me Too’

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge – creator of Fleabag, Crashing and Killing Eve – has spoken about the ‘Me Too’ movement’s impact on the entertainment industry.

Waller-Bridge is currently at the Cannes Film Festival promoting Killing Eve, a BBC One/BBC America production, which stars Jodie Cromer as an assassin and Sandra Oh as a spy. Also playing at Cannes is Solo: A Star Wars Story, in which Waller-Bridge voices a droid named L3-37.

On the topic of  ‘Me Too’ – the movement which has seen women the world over outing their abusers – and the current state of the entertainment industry, Waller-Bridge said the following. She believes that this movement has paved the way for more female-focused stories to be told on the screen:

“I think people have woken the f**k up and they can’t get away without having the conversation anymore. There’s a huge appetite and a need for these stories to be told and they are coming to the surface. They are becoming more specific and nuanced and people are open to hearing those stories. It’s not like people haven’t been writing these stories for ages. It feels like Killing Eve is a really great example of that embrace.”

If you’d like some more information about Killing Eve, you can click here to see what Sandra Oh has been saying about the project. And if you’re wondering what Waller-Bridge’s droid from Solo looks like, you just need to click here and check out the new trailer.

We’ll keep you posted about all of Waller-Bridge’s projects.