‘Primeval’: Series 5 storyline details revealed

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Series 5 of the time-travelling dinosaur drama will premiere on the pay TV channel from Tuesday 24th May.

The channel’s press office told CultBox: “[Series 5] features more stunning special effects, adventure and incredible creatures, as the team at the ARC have their work cut out for them to police ruptured time anomalies, and the growing threat of entrepreneur Philip Burton, whose grip on the ARC is tightening with every episode.

“The series starts with the team still reeling after Danny‘s re-appearance and warning from the dramatic end of Series 4. A vicious burrowing creature brings chaos to the city, forcing the team to track down the movements of this monster. When the creature strikes for the final time, the team finds one of its own in mortal danger.

“Matt, meanwhile, is now determined to wipe this creature off the face of the Earth – does he know more about this creature than he’s letting on? Back at the ARC, Philip has provided Connor with a new lab assistant. But is there more to April than meets the eye?

“As the series continues, we’ll see edge-of-your-seat adventures onboard a nuclear submarine, back in Victorian London and a volcano, at the same time finding out the truth about Matt’s secret mission and Philip’s true ambitions for Connor and the ARC.”

Series 5 is expected to air on ITV1 in early 2012.

Watch the Series 4 trailer…

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