Roulette in the movies: A class act

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There is no doubt that the classic game of roulette is synonymous with opulence, in fact within the movie industry there are some unforgettable roulette scenes that we can enjoy over and over again.

This association with the movie industry only adds to the luxurious feel of the game, the elegant men and beautiful women that surround the table watching the wheel spin and placing bets until told ‘rien ne va plus’ (no more bets.) These images leave their imprint on our minds.



Perhaps one of the  most famous roulette scenes in the whole movie history is from Casablanca where the owner Rick, played by Humphrey Bogart, helps his former love and her husband, Jan, to flee to America by fixing his roulette table so that they win, enabling them to buy their visas. This 1942 romance might be over 70 years old yet it still has clout, especially as the couple are trying to get one over on a corrupt police chief.  The lucky number was arranged to be #22 a catch in the story was of course Rick still loved his ex played by Ingrid Bergman.

Casablanca won three Academy Awards, the best screenplay, best director and the most outstanding motion picture. Casablanca was one of the first major motion pictures to feature the iconic game of roulette.


The Deer Hunter

Released in 1978 this POW film uses the game of roulette in a very different way.  Starring Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken who are forced to play Russian roulette whilst their captors bet on the outcome of the game.  The scene is brutal and very intense although the Deer Hunter is based about friendship. The Deer Hunter won five Academy Awards, the best picture, best director and the best supporting actor for Christopher Walken. The film also starred Meryl Streep and John Cazale who played Fredo in The GodFather who sadly died not long after filming his parts for The Deer Hunter.

The previous two films have been outstanding in their quality but we have also been treated to some pretty awful films that include roulette scenes.


Indecent Proposal

This 1993 movie claimed a treble a the 1994 Razzie Awards which including awards for the worst picture and also a worst supporting actor which was Woody Harrelson.

This would-be sexy thriller sees David Murphy played by Harrelson and Diana Murphy played by Demi Moore head off to Las Vegas with the hope of hitting it big to win enough cash to finance David’s real estate project dream.

Unfortunately they lose the lot.

The unlucky couple then had a choice to make, whether to accept John Gage’s (Robert Redford) offer of $1 million to spend a night with Diana or not.

This film might not have the feel good factor of others that use the roulette game and casinos as a setting but the intensity of the game as they lose all of their money is real enough.


There are many famous movies that include roulette games, the game has movement and excitement, and it’s easy to play.

The game also transfers from the big screen to smaller screens very well, especially with the advancement in technology.  Now its is possible to enjoy a game of roulette at an online casino via your tablet or smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

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Roulette games are as diverse as the mediums they are shown and played in, so when you think about it, it really is no wonder that the spin of the wheel still creates such excitement for the more experienced gambler, and for those who like to play just for fun.