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Russell T Davies discusses ‘Doctor Who’ being ‘too soapy’

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Doctor Who‘s former showrunner Russell T Davies has responded to the criticisms that his era’s storylines featured more soap than sci-fi.

Davies was lead writer on the show between 2005 and 2010.

The writer commented on Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round: “I absolutely think [fans with those criticisms] are wrong. I can understand where it is coming from, but it doesn’t mean I like where it’s coming from. You are looking at a major character in his own show that’s on for 50 years and you’re denying him a full life. You can’t do that.”

Doctor Who Journeys End

He added: “Plus, I have to say, what a load of fuss about nonsense! If you added all the kisses and the love lines I think you’d have about 40-seconds of material! Seriously, think about it. It’s not much, it’s tiny. And it very rarely changed the direction of a story. You have to let it move on.”

Billie Piper recently revealed that she’d be interested in a spin-off featuring her character Rose Tyler with David Tennant’s Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor.

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