Russell T Davies: ‘Wizards vs Aliens’ Series 2 is ‘wilder, bolder, deeper and funnier’

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Created by Russell T Davies and The Sarah Jane Adventures writer Phil Ford, the fantasy drama follows 16-year-old wizard Tom Clarke and his scientific friend Benny as they attempt to stop the Nekross from creating big trouble for all of wizardkind.

Wizards Vs Aliens is filmed at the BBC’s Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff, where Doctor Who is made, and returns to CBBC for an extended series of fourteen 30-minute episodes later this autumn.

Former Doctor Who showrunner Davies revealed: “It’s a delight to be back on CBBC with a series which is wilder, bolder, deeper and funnier than ever, taking us from suburbia to the wilds of Tibet, encountering spaceships, magical worlds, haunted castles and galactic wars along the way. And at the centre of it all is the most important thing of all – the friendship between two boys, as junior wizard Tom and his best friend Benny fight to save the world.”

He added: “Magic and science are a combustible mix – and this year it’s going to explode!”

The BBC also hinted: “…[Series 2] follows Tom and Benny’s journey as they meet new Aliens, new Wizards, and face their greatest challenges so far. With the Nekross threatening their most powerful attacks yet, it’s more important than ever that Tom and Benny work together to ensure the survival of both wizardkind and the Earth.”

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