Sanjeev Bhaskar and Mark Heap join ‘Outnumbered’ Christmas 2012 special

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The 40-minute episode will guest star Sanjeev Bhaskar (The Kumars at No. 42) and Mark Heap (Spaced).

The official synopsis reads: “The Brockman family have decided to foster a sense of community by throwing a Christmas party for their neighbours. But in true Outnumbered style, festivities do not go as smoothly as planned. Gran springs a surprise visit on Pete and the family whilst Jake seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Karen would rather be chatting online with virtual friends than taking part in the celebrations. Ben is enthusiastically left in charge of the party games, ranging from Swingball to blind football, and we’re introduced to a raft of colourful guests including their opinionated neighbour Norris, a traumatised ex-weatherman Ray, Jane – whose love life is a disaster zone – and the most unwelcome of guests, a seasonal gastric virus. Happy Christmas one and all!”

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