Is Sean Pertwee up for playing Third Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’?

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Gotham star Sean Pertwee has revealed that he would not feel comfortable recreating his father’s iconic Doctor Who role.

Jon Pertwee, Sean’s father, played the Third Doctor from 1970 until 1974.

Asked if he’d be interested in appearing in Doctor Who, Pertwee told Den of Geek: “I’ve never been asked.”

The British actor went on to explain that he would not be interested in taking over the role of the Third Doctor on screen: “You know, I think my father probably would have a heart attack from laughing so much. The notion of me playing him, I think he’d find that triflingly amusing. I wouldn’t. I’d be… Listen: very large shoes to fill, that’s all I’m going to say. He was fantastic.”

Gotham Sean Pertwee

He added: “The one thing I do think was interesting, though, was that he was considered the ‘action’ Doctor Who. And I’m considered the ‘action’ Alfred. That’s a similarity there.”

A fan-made image showing Sean Pertwee as the Third Doctor appeared on Instagram earlier this year.

Sean Pertwee

Gotham Season 1 is out on DVD next week.

The new season of Doctor Who continues next Saturday on BBC One with ‘Under the Lake’.

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