Sherlock and Game of Thrones stars join up for Sky’s A Discovery Of Witches

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The new Sky drama, which began filming yesterday, has a pretty impressive cast. 

Earlier today we ran a story on A Company of Witches, a new Sky TV show based on a book of the same name by Deborah Harkness.

The driver of that story was the involvement of Julie Gardner. She was one half of the Bad Wolf production team that was behind the return of Doctor Who, a feat for which she will be forever held in high geek esteem (and was immortalised in song). However, having looked into it a bit more, there’s plenty of other little tidbits about the show which should get us excited.

Not least among these is the cast, which has been coming together nicely – including this announcement yesterday from Sherlock‘s Molly Hopper, actress Louise Brealey.

Her tweet leads back to another from Sky TV that shows a lot of the major cast members, among which we can see Trevor Eve (Waking The Dead, Unforgotten) and Owen Teale (Game of Thrones‘ Alliser Thorne, Line of Duty). Here’s that one too…

Also on the cast list is Aisling Loftus (War & Peace), Edward Bluemel (The Halcyon), Aiysha Heart (Line of Duty, Atlantis) and Elarica Johnson (most recently seen as murdered model Lula Landry in Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling). There are many more, which have been covered by the @ADiscoveryOfWTV twitter account – along with a lot of updates and behind-the-scenes coverage of the production.

Yesterday, in fact, that included a message from the author herself, to celebrate the end of the show’s first day of shooting…

Those with a long memory for fairly obscure movie industry tittle-tattle (or, y’know, the internet) may recall that Harkness’ story was originally been lined up as a movie by Warner Bros. way-back-when, but that obviously failed to materialise. The cast lined up here, though, working from a script created by Ashley Pharoah – co-creator of Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes – could go some way to making up for the fact we probably got the Twilight series instead.