Sick Of It trailer: first look at Karl Pilkington’s new comedy series

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Karl Pilkington’s Sick Of It, a new Sky One comedy series from the star of An Idiot Abroad, has just released its first trailer.

Sky’s official synopsis describes Sick Of It as “a scripted comedy series that sees Karl Pilkington take on two roles – himself, and the voice inside his head, as he muddles through the mundane life he may have led if he hadn’t met Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.” The plot will see Karl moving in with an elderly aunt after the end of a relationship, while engaging in constant conversations with his inner self.

The trailer is here…

“For most people the inner self is there to help make decisions but mine mainly confuses me and pushes me in the wrong direction. I’d say that doing this series was inner self’s idea”, Karl Pilkington has said of the show. “I’ve only just realised that I’m playing myself twice but only being paid once. Like I say, my inner self doesn’t really look out for me.”

What’s surprising from the trailer is how dark the show looks at points, with Karl receiving therapy and bickering with his inner self. The trailer even comes with an age warning, saying that “footage and themes” in the video are “only suitable for people over the age of 18.” It’ll be interesting to see how darkly comic the show ends up being when it makes it onto the screen.

We don’t know the release date yet for Sick Of It, but the trailer promises that it’s “coming soon”. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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