Simon Pegg on moving from film back to television – and why

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Simon Pegg was most recently seen on the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, in which he took a small but notable role. However, in terms of upcoming projects, he’s veering back towards television. In particularly, he’s teamed up again with Nick Frost (who was seen in a summer blockbuster this year too: Tomb Raider) for a TV show entitled Truth Seekers.

It’s a ghostly comedy about a pair of ghost hunters who run their own YouTube channel. Thing is, they then start getting contacted by real ghosts.

Pegg has given an interview to The Quietus where he’s been talking about the project, and why he’s been looking at television again.

“The opportunities that television affords now are just super different. If we want to run a business, there is no money in independent cinema, unfortunately”, he lamented.

“I still want to make it and I still want to create it but the film side of Big Talk productions which made Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul and The World’s End really wasn’t the money-making side”.

He added that “it’s a really rickety world out there for filmmakers and there are no sort of mid-budget movies anymore. For financial reasons, really, television is such a fertile marketplace: that’s where it is at present”.

We’ve no date when Truth Seekers will start as of yet. Pegg will return to the big screen in Mission: Impossible – Fallout this summer.