‘Skins’ star: Alo is ‘a more stupid version of me’

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Merrick told CultBox: “He’s quite naïve and innocent; he’s very much an adolescent. He’s still a little boy really… I suppose he’s a more stupid version of me. Yeah, he’s just me, but a bit more extreme I suppose!”

Hinting at what lies ahead for Alo as Series 5 draws to a close, he revealed: “He really steps up and grows up a bit – he becomes quite a leader in the group. He becomes the driving force of the group when it all falls apart, I’d say.”

He added: “The series ends with a bang! One little thing happens and it changes the whole last episode, it all becomes about the consequences of this thing. That’s all I can say!”

Episode 6 of the current series, focusing on the character of Alo, airs at 10pm tomorrow night on E4.