‘Skins’ star: ‘They give us toys and let us play and just film it’

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Merrick told CultBox: “Every boy wants to just drive a tractor around for a day! I did about a day of that.”

Asked about an explosion scene in tonight’s episode, he revealed: “We didn’t do a practise, so I didn’t know what the hell was going to happen – the director wanted it to be natural. The first time we set it up, it failed. So I was then even more worked up and the shot in the episode is real, that’s my actual reaction to the explosion!”

The episode also features a food fight at Alo’s home. Merrick added: “They do that a lot; they just give us toys and let us play and just film it! They had loads of cameras just dotted around and we spent about two hours fighting with that stuff, it was really good fun. We were absolutely caked in it by the end.”

Episode 6 of the current series, focusing on the character of Alo, airs at 10pm tonight on E4.