Spaced: Simon Pegg shoots down revival talk

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The cult classic Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, which we joyously revisited just recently, put Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jessica Hynes, Mark Heap and their director Edgar Wright on the map. But according to Pegg, there is no chance of the show coming back.

Speaking to the NME, Pegg was asked about the show’s revival chances. It wasn’t the first time he’d been asked to comment on that topic, and it sounds like he has a very definitive answer.

“That question will never go away”, he said. “The more they ask, the less likely it is.”

Pegg went on to stress that Spaced “couldn’t possibly ever exist again”, given its focus on “a group of twenty-somethings at the turn of the century.”

The interviewer raised the idea of a years-later reunion episode, but was swiftly shot down.

“Why? There’s no point”, said Pegg. “I dunno what I have to say that’s relatable about life now. It’s not gonna happen, kids – unless you want a sitcom about some clueless actor who can’t tie his own shoelaces.”

As much as we might like to fantasise about seeing Daisy, Tim and the gang getting back together for a revival series, it looks like it’s time to admit that it won’t ever happen.

We’ll keep bringing you telly news as we hear it, though.