‘Star Trek’ star Alice Krige is ‘amazing’ in ‘Spooks’, say writers

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Krige is best known for playing the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Voyager, and has also appeared in Deadwood, The 4400, Silent Hilll and Six Feet Under.

The South African actress will play the role of Elena Gavrik in Series 10 of Spooks.

In an exclusive interview with CultBox, writers Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley discussed her role: “…we were thrilled. She’s amazing in this series – really got into her character, asking lots of thoughtful (and sometimes tricky!) questions of us, which we fed back into the writing and gave new layers to Elena.”

They added: “And also… she’s the BORG QUEEN!! We were talking to her on Skype at one point and Sam almost asked her to say “Resistance is futile,” but thankfully professionalism won out.”

Hinting at the background of Krige’s character and onscreen husband, played by Jonathan Hyde, the writers teased: “[We] can’t give too much away about them, but safe to say they’re Russian, and cast long shadows from Harry’s past.”

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