Stranger Things season 3: poster and video confirm July release date

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The promotional campaign for Stranger Things season 3 has kicked off in earnest, with Netflix unleashing a poster and a video to tease the return of its kids-do-fantasy mega-hit.

Following on from the sweet little Christmas video that showed the cast of Stranger Things wrapping presents for their fans around the world, Netflix has released this video below, which confirms the release date for the show’s third season…

That release date is the 4th of July, which is, of course, a significant day in the American calendar. Just to make doubly sure that we remember the date, Netflix’s marketing team also put out this poster, which is stuffed with 4th of July fireworks…

“One summer can change everything”, the tagline tells us, and it’s a sentence that wouldn’t feel out of place on the poster for a feel-good, coming-of-age, teen-targeted summer movie. This being Stranger Things, though, we’re expecting said changes to be horrifying and scream-inducing ones, as opposed to the happy and life-affirming kind.

As we hear more news, and see more videos and imagery, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. At least we know now that July 4th 2019 is the date to mark in our calendars. Here’s hoping that Stranger Things season 3 can live up to the promise of its predecessors.