Superheroes fight back in The CW’s Arrowverse trailer

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The CW has teased the return of all its superhero shows with a mega-montage of a trailer, which blends together eye-catching clips from Arrow season 7, The Flash season 5, Supergirl season 4, Legends Of Tomorrow season 4 and Black Lightning season 2.

The trailer, which has been given the title ‘Superheroes Fight Back’, can be viewed right here…

Our favourite bits include Grant Gustin’s Flash donning both his classic costume (which is feeling a bit tight) and the new super suit that has been revealed in recent posters and set photos.

As for Arrow, there’s something brilliantly grim about seeing Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen in his prison garb telling an unseen adversary that he should have killed him. We may have never got that Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max movie that David Goyer wrote, years ago, but this convict drama with Ollie at its heart looks set to be the next best thing.

There was also some cheesy cross-cutting between Melissa Benoist’s Kara talking about making waves (presumably in a metaphorical sense) and Supergirl swimming around literally making some waves.

The Legends, meanwhile, are being praised for fixing history, but surely it can’t be long before they’re getting told off for screwing things up again. And Cress Williams’ Black Lightning doesn’t show any signs of backing down in his battle for justice.

The CW’s self-proclaimed ‘Super Season’ kicks off on October 9th, which should mean that UK viewers can enjoy episodes of the interconnected Arrowverse shows on Sky roughly a week later. Black Lightning is the only one that doesn’t live on Sky, with Netflix picking up the UK rights instead.

We’ll bring you more news on all of these shows as we hear it.