The BBC is now asking Twitter to help track down who leaked Doctor Who series 11 materials

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Earlier this summer, the first footage from Doctor Who series 11 made its way – briefly – online, ahead of the planned official release of it at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con.

The BBC, naturally enough, wasn’t best pleased about this, and has now taken its investigation into what happened to Twitter. Specifically, it’s apparently filed a subpoena against Twitter and Microsoft in the US District Court, in order to reveal “all information that may identify the alleged infringer”.

With Twitter specifically, the BBC has identified two accounts that it presumably feels are key to its investigation. It’s thus asked Twitter to hand over personal information on the two users concerned.

With regards Microsoft, the BBC has zeroed in on a pair of OneDrive links that presumably contained the leaked footage.

More information as we get it. But the BBC is clearly keen to clamp down on any unauthorised leaks surrounding this year’s Who…